Workshops and Performances

Performance—Meet the author sessions

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Bill's stories and songs. Presented with a touch of magic, a dollop of dry Australian humour, and a splash of fun.

'Bill Marsh sings his songs and tells his stories in a true Australian voice. Here we feel like friends sitting around a campfire, sharing some of life's most memorable experiences.'
David Harris (reviewer & writer)

(Ages 5-10. Limited to 60 students per session.)

An active performance on the theme of Australiana, including storytelling. Audience participation involving singing, playmaking; all presented with just a little touch of magic.

'It has been this project which has convinced me beyond doubt that the rapport with the children, communication skills, enthusiasm, and diverse range of entertaining skills are the gifts of a true educator, and ones which are of outstanding benefit.'
Tim Ryan (Deputy Principal, Holy Family Catholic Church)

'Bill's skills as a storyteller are excellent and his gentle, yet commanding manner is highly engaging. The recommendation…five out of five!'
Carclew Youth Arts Centre (Playful Quality Accreditation Panel)

Song Writing
(Ages 5-10. Limited to one class per session.)

Younger primary students write and record a song about a trip to the zoo. Older primary students write and record a song about dinosaurs. Emphasis on involvement, imagination, rhyme, and rhythm.

'Students were able to write their own songs and jingles, participate in the creation of a group song, and later perform it. Reaction from all students has been extremely positive.'
John Simmons (Principal, Karrendi Primary School)

Short Story Writing
(Adult & High Schools.)

Writing as a career. Incorporating structure of short stories, beginnings and endings. Imaginative exercises in the effective uses of dialogue and characterisation.

'Bill's enthusiasm for writing, his knowledge of the craft, his engaging manner and his ability to work effectively with people, regardless of age and background, has made him a valued and effective member of this unit.'
Roger Zubrinich (Co-ordinator, Professional Writing Unit, Adelaide College of Tafe).

Play Writing
(Primary & Secondary Schools)

Basic script writing techniques, developing a plot, adaptation from story to performance, three word plays which involve drama games.

'One of the most delightful aspects of this exhibition is the one-man play written by Bill Marsh to interpret the environment to groups of children.'
Silver Harris (Viz-Arts Director, Adelaide Festival Centre)


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