What they say about Swampy:

'Bill "Swampy" Marsh is a remarkable Australian'
—Bruce Campbell AM MBE (Senior Australian of the Year 2003, Founder & Chairman–Year of the Outback, Chairman–Australian Outback Development Consortium Ltd).

'Back in 1895, the celebrated American author Mark Twain came to Australia. During his visit he told some extraordinary tales. Eleven decades later another colourful author has come along…'
—Tim Fischer (Chair, Tourism Australia & ex-Australian Deputy Prime Minister).

'One of Bill's most admirable attributes is his determination to surmount whatever problem is laid before him.'
—Gil Sullivan L.MUS, CAM, BA, B. MUS (HONS).

'This will cement (Bill "Swampy" Marsh's) growing place amongst Australia's short story writers.'
—Sir James Hardy OBE.

'He's a legend. Thank God these Australian stories are being collected and recorded for us for now and for ever after.'
—Cherry Axel.

The Performer–Songwriter–Storyteller

'Our school students absolutely love the song you wrote—"It's A Miracle"—and they sing this with pride.'
—Jane Owens - Broken Hill School Of The Air

'My grandfather once told me that 'the best thing that ever came out of Beckom was the road to Ariah Park.' Respectfully, I think my grandfather was wrong. He didn't have the opportunity to meet Bill 'Swampy' Marsh. It's a real pity because my grandfather really enjoyed a good story and Bill tells good stories.'
—Ian Harris (YAHS Old Yanconians Network - Director at B+I Lockwood Accountants)

'He's Fantastic!'
—Jacinta Dickens, The Area News - Griffith.

'Here is one book you should add to your bucket list to read before you die, from one of Australia's favourite storytellers.'
—Hayden Radford, Weekend Notes.

'If you haven't heard about Bill "Swampy" Marsh before now, you've been missing something. His retelling of a story about an outback primary school teacher will have you in stitches!'
—Fiona White, Radio Adelaide 'Service Voices'.

'Bill "Swampy" Marsh shared his life and talents generously with an appreciative audience…his love of the Australian countryside and the people who live there was evident in every ballad and story he sang and told.'
—Border Chronicle.

'Source to Sea is a great piece of work. The cinematography, editing and music, especially, are first class.'
—David Franken (Program Director - Channel 7, Brisbane).

'Fantastic! The boys loved him.'
—Co-ordinator Cavan Educational (Prison) Centre.
'That was tripping material!'

Hi Swampy—Just want to say a big 'thank you'. It was fantastic to have you aboard & the performance was brilliant. I hope you're willing to work with us again as we will most definitely be booking you again and recommending you to others! Enjoy your upcoming trip on The Ghan!
—Jessica Playford (Great Southern Rail).

The Writer

'One of Australia's most popular story teller/writers.'
—ABC Books.

'From the ridiculous to the sublime, from the bestial to the bizarre, from the tall to the tender, Bill Marsh holds his readers in the palm of his hand and tickles them with beautifully controlled yarns of childhood…'
—Katharine England (The Advertiser)

'I rolled on the floor (with laughter)…the overall effect is of…those precious memories that we hold like gold in our minds…and look back on something that was memorable and tug at our heartstrings.'
—Max Fatchen AM.

The Story Writing and Song Writing Workshop Coordinator
(Schools and Adult)

'It has been this project which has convinced me beyond doubt that the rapport, communication skills, enthusiasm, and diverse range of entertaining skills are the gifts of a true educator, and one which are of outstanding benefit.'
—Tim Ryan, Deputy Principal.


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